One-minute blog: Steel 1 March 2020

Yesterday I was suddenly aware of how grateful I am for the invention of steel and the humble plyers.

Plyers IMG_5540

I had a bottle of nail polish that was impossible to open. I walk over to my tool drawer, without hardly thinking about it, pulled out a plyers and twisted open in 2 seconds! OMG – what a great invention I thought. Only a few hundred years ago this was made possible, maybe 18th c. ?

Now of course no one cared about nail polish before that but think of all the other things we can do with small hand tools made of steel. It is fantastic. Being female and lacking the brute upper body arm strength of most men,Β  I often have to use combined physics principles using levers of timber or all four of my limbs to move, lift or man-handled some object. Today I used the simple ‘plyers’!

And the manicure turned out fab too πŸ™‚


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