LJ – Technology Innovation activity

Activity 13: Significant new technologies

Timing: 4 hours
Technology How long used for educational purposes
by my organisation by me
Mobile learning in pockets very much, convenient, BYOD know-how so low support, supported by VLE, content can be created that is responsive rather than adaptive (Horizon 2019)
Analytics technologies minimal very much, to personalise the delivery of nudges or microlearning for Tricky topics or those identified (Horizon 2019)
Artificial intelligence no Not sure – privacy isn’t sorted see blog on AI talk
Blockchain no Yes, to support micro-credentially, student and staff records reducing a mountain of admin, lost documents
Virtual assistants no not found in my experience annoying – by the time I have googled and asked they offer very basic info I already found myself – perhaps for new staff/student induction
  • From the table above, decide which three technologies (that are not already being used) you would like your organisation to adopt, and justify your suggestions. If you are working for an organisation that already uses all the technologies listed, suggest other new technologies that would be useful. If you are not currently working for an organisation, think of an organisation you know well and choose three technologies you would like them to adopt, justifying your choices.
  • Record your thoughts in your learning journal/blog. Remember to include the justification for your decision.
  • Discuss your views in the appropriate thread in your tutor group forum.


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