LJ — iPad ‘Speak’ to read articles

Hi, I love to listen to academic articles and take notes at the same time in Evernote my Learning Journal – LJ. I struggled with academic reading and this has been a godsend. So I am making the effort to post. It takes ages to find out what technology works for you. Ask everybody for their tips! And share yours – they really do help others. Most devices are so complicated now that if you don’t know to look for it you don’t think of it.

On iOS ‘Speak’ has to be turned on in Accessibility under General. It isn’t perfect…. It is annoying ‘select all’ the text is gone on webpages, normally you tap the screen and ‘Select and Select All’ black ribbon comes up on a webpage. Since a recent update it isn’t there so annoyingly you have to do it manually and it is frustratingly easy to clear it by accident. Once selected the black ribbon should pop up and you tap Speak. Mine sometimes has a delay of a few seconds and mistapping and waiting re-selecting and swearing ensues 🤬

This was saved to iCloud and opened in Files on the iPad and behaving better.

IBooks and Acrobat are worth testing.

If I find a solution I will text you on WhatsApp but hands free yay! I also use Natural reader which I bought a while ago and the voices are more Steven Hawking than Siri but improving all the time. 😏

Views my own.


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