Amazing watercolors – creating a Garden

via Garden Inspired Watercolor


With all the materials to hand and a hundred decisions made moment by moment as inspiration tells me where the next step is. As a result my office and garage are  a jumble of old fabric (old and new), jewellery, beads, computers, iphones, timber and bits of metal and glass that may be useful tomorrow. The process is never linear, instead a buzzing around the objective, in fits and starts, often limited by time or money and daylight.

Over 10 years I constructed a beautiful lush front and back garden. Originally to cover the ugly pebbledash render. The main limitation in buying an old fixer upper is the lack of cash. I had to be very creative and started with a colour theme of green and grey. Then each year choose one or two nice plants for impact and nurtured small sale plants and  cuttings given by friends.  Slowly I added structure with trellis, nice pots and old grey furniture. After 10 years the trees and shrubs are a jungle and the finishing touches this year provide splashes of amazing colour.


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