H818 Project Ideas

Creating an Education Object

Drafted 30 Oct. 2017

In my current Open University module, Networked Practitioner, we are tasked to learn what this means and how to create a professional online network. In the spirit of Open Education, I will attempt to document and share my progress as we learn how to structure our own project. We will be experimenting with Open Studio (Brown, 2017) peer assessment and critical reflection as we support each other in an open practice model.

We are to choose a project under one of three themes – 3 word to describe each



Demonstrate various useful apps for mobile learning on a smartphone or tablet in a multimedia tutorial presentation using Sway*  This has been inspired by my plan to study my Master’s Degree in Online Education “paperless” on my daily commute to work. It can take almost and hour and it is a great time to check in. I found it impossible. In my first module, 18 months ago, I ended up printing everything. The pages got ragged from numerous bus journeys and the scribble notes in the margins were not searchable or legible and usually not where I was when I was studying (downstairs in my bag, at work on my desk or I don’t know).

*(part of o365 – Microsoft’s version of Prezi) to create an animated multimedia to teach users and students what apps for study online work like. At the time of this writing it is free to individuals and can be downloaded for Mac and PC without all of Office.

I have used Sway once for 10 minutes and am hooked. I want to learn how to create teaching objects that are reuseable for VLE.  I find the text based model of the old material dumped as pdfs a VLE, treating it as a repository really really dull. It is a wonder anyone uses them when you consider the lack of human contact. Now as when  correspondence course and early computer-assisted instruction (CAI).

Anyone watching a few or the demo available from Microsoft will be impressed with how easy it is to use and fun! The output is a wonderful live piece of instruction that is flat or boring. Interactive content can be easily linked to google docs to include quizzes and video links from youtube. The first example I stumbled on in slideshare was a Biology lesson on disecting a cow’s eyeball. I was hooked!


Create QR Codes (waterproof) for the all the plants at the Botantical Gardens.

On a recent visit to the Botantical Gardens at the University of Oxford I was frequently disappointed that the signage for plants I was interested in were not available. It occurs to me that most of us carry the technology in our pocket to scan a QR Code linked to Wikipedia. I speicify wikipedia because it is open and with crowd-sourcing we could embark on adding and improving many entries.

I tweeted my first draft and attempt at using mindmap for this project last week. I am also new to Twitter so it was only tested on my small tutor group.

Recently I discovered Mindmaps (XMind and Open Source Freemind) that is ideal for my type of processing and learning. Like most mindmapping tools it allows you to draw out your ideas, link them and move them as needed. What I never saw before is the layering of notes and URLs on them which can be Exported to transform the map into an editable Word document! No staring at the blank white page frozen in fear. It is organised and ready to mould into a fully crafted essay or paper. This term will be much less fraught than my first 18 months ago.Botantical Gardens1


Maybe a little ambitious, an online textbook perhaps on art history crowd sourced material contributions using the Robin DeRosa project she describes on her website.  She started out with the idea to save students money and when the students got involved Open Pedagogy was also realised. And they loved producing meaning work and becoming credited authors.




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