One minute blog – last Master’s course starts next month – H819

When I embarked on a Master’s course part-time through the Open University in 2016, it never occurred to me it would take 5 years to complete. However, working full-time, several job interviews and 4 new posts later, I do know why! Life offers new proverbial ‘forks’ in the road when we take the hard choice to learn! Trouble is we can’t see the road ahead and the good stuff waiting there – arrrrgggh.

Each new role at work offered an opportunity to use the skills I was learning in the e-learning degree called “Online and Distance Education”. It is a bit more heavy going than I imagined, lots and lots of academic reading (I expected video lectures and lots of technology in education and so disappointing). I made my decision rather abruptly over Christmas break and didn’t have much time to dither. I also learned, that I never learned how to write ‘properly’ meaning academically. After many frustrating hours I did some internet searching on the topic. I found that most people don’t learn this skill and foreign language unless their parents or older siblings bring it into the home! Phew – that was a relief and pride that I almost achieved a Distinction in the last one.

Now that was almost as good as actually receiving it since I was very very stressed (and crabby) throughout. It isn’t that I am an under achiever, far from it, it was just so daunting. Learning the structure, understanding the limits of the course design and the tutor’s lack of influence over it (basically they get to dish it out and can’t change old outdated and broken material in some cases) and criminally get paid £5 a week if you average it so many save the time for marking the papers. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for support, help with revising much less live sessions online for Q&A.

During the first 2 modules (they call each course a module made up of blocks or units) I decided I was going to be happy with a ‘Pass’. So the point of my blog today is that you never know where your effort will lead and what you are capable until you try, persevere through tears, pain and push push push! It isn’t what I thought I was signing up for (life often isn’t) but it has been brilliant. I see now that people at work gave me a chance because I took a chance and worked hard.

It is with a sigh of relief and a little dread that prepare for the last 30 credit module and September can’t come soon enough 🙂


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