Project Progress Reflection 7.2

Add comments and ratings as you did in Activity 7.2 but also consider the following:

  • How did you choose these resources? Reflect and make reflection notes (see 1.2 Introduction to reflective writing for guidance) on how you made the decision to explore beyond the forum entry or related descriptions and comments, which may be relatively brief.


  • What additional content or information would have made these resources more useful or usable? For you? For other users?


1. Does it supply what is called for? Content
2. Is it accurate? Does it demonstrate understanding? Content
3. Are the elements of the materials used appropriately to deliver the message or fulfil the purpose? Presentation
4. Stylistically, is it appropriate for the specified audience? Presentation
5. Is it at an appropriate technical level? Presentation
6. Is the message clear? Presentation

Task: Review and amend your project plan

  1. Retrieve and read your plan (submitted as part of TMA 01) and your presentation proposal in TMA 02 (abstracts and poster).
  2. Note the tutor feedback that you received on each of these assessment pieces. Review comments and suggestions that have been offered by other students and that relate to your plans or proposals to date. For example, read the comments made on your poster activity in OpenStudio and note development in those comments and your responses.
  3. Note how and why you may have changed your plan and proposal since this feedback was received.This exercise will allow you to identify any unintended drift or deliberate shifts in your plan and to create a plan that you can realistically expect to work to. If you have changed your plans significantly, inform your tutor of how you are intending to make changes and why.

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