I live near Oxford, UK and from the state of Wisconsin in northern midwest of the United States. We relocated 23 years ago when my husband had the good fortune to transfer with his employer, a small software company. He used to travel a lot more before broadband improved and it has been a wonderful opportunity to see so much of Europe, Egypt, China, South Africa, Singapore, Norway, Sweden (the list grows longer each day). It has also provided a rare opportunity to observe my homeland from a distance perspective. Arguably this has not always been comfortable in recent years and I am in awe of just how big it actually is!

After working on a university helpdesk supporting students and academics with their email, software, and a myriad of devices for about 15 years  I decided it was time for a change. I had also provided first-line support for our VLE (virtual learning environment) created in Sakai and I enjoyed teaching in HE. This lead me to begin a masters studies, MAODE at the OpenU which beautifully marries technology and education.

When I am not working or studying, I enjoy photography, making art of all types, gardening, travel and scuba diving with my husband and hanging out with our two beautiful kittens.